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Youth Activities

Boat Fishing

MoBassFishin is proud to support youth activities.

So many kids today spend too much time playing video games, texting, or watching television. They don't realize what they are missing by NOT being outdoors. It is important to mentor kids of all ages and introduce them to a great outdoors activity and the sport of fishing.

Youth A single fishing trip can offer kids an alternative to those distractions and other influences they may encounter in their busy lives and we support teaching kids everywhere just how much fun it can be. There is no substitute for the expressions and excitement on their faces when they feel the thrill of a tug on the line and reeling one in. Taking in the surrounding views, sounds and smells while fishing can be a soul refreshing and mind clearing experience as well. You can also teach them how to prepare and cook fish, providing a healthy natural meal and a means of feeding themselves and others. family Having the opportunity to experience fishing with them can be more than rewarding for both you and the child.

So take some time from your own busy and distracted life to share your skills with a youth soon. If you don't have the skills, get them in the hands of someone who does. You'll be glad you did.

Current Youth Activities

Teen Anglers Tournament Series

Teen Anglers

Teen Anglers Tournament Series Schedule

Contact: Randy Conlon,, 417-520-6595 for more information or visit Teen Anglers Tournament Series

Teen Anglers, Inc. is a Not for Profit Organization designed for enhancing the Missouri State High School Fishing Program and to promote the sport of bass fishing to the young anglers of today.

Missouri TBF Youth and Conservation

Missouri TBF Junior Angler Schedule

Contact Youth Director: Kevin Smith,, 660-547-0085 for more information or visit Missouri TBF Youth and Conservation

K.A.S.T. Kids Are Special Too

K.A.S.T. is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 by Mike Webb. It's mission is the same today as it was then, to introduce the great outdoors and the sport of fishing to today's youth while educating them about the dangers of drugs.

This began at School assemblies, geared toward 6th through 8th grade students, throughout the Ozarks. Approximately 10 seminars were done the first year. Hundreds of seminars have been held throughout the United States since that time. K.A.S.T. has evolved into one of the countries largest anti-drug programs. It's seminars have always been free of charge, thanks to the many sponsors.

Founder and speaker, Mike Webb, is a professional, sponsored fisherman who loves to fish. Mike likes to share his passion of fishing and the outdoors with kids and young adults. His presentations introduce and excite kids about the great outdoors and fishing as an alternative to drugs. Visit K.A.S.T Online for more involvement.

Cross Trail Outfitters

Cross Trail Outfitters is a lot of things for a lot of people!

For young men ages 7-20...

We're a hunting and fishing club; an cool group of friends who share a love for the outdoors. We continually offer endless hunting and fishing opportunities of all kinds, frequent skills training sessions and fun shoots, community service projects, the most awesome summer camps in the world, and a whole lot more! Through CTO, they can earn funds to go on dream trips and buy gear. CTO is also a leadership development program, in which they can earn rank, responsibility and respect. Most importantly, CTO is a Christ-centered group, so as they plug into the club, they also grow in maturity and faith. In short, CTO is every boy's dream come true!

Get involved in CTO and find out for yourself what blessings are in store for you!

U.S.A. Bassin' The Next Generation Tournament Trail

The youth are the future of sport fishing.

The Next Generation, Adult/Youth Tournament Trail, is a not for profit public charity, devoted to providing educational opportunities to the youth. U.S.A. Bassin wants to give the youth an opportunity for educational advancement by providing them with scholarships. This will give them another avenue or extra help to pay for college.

U.S.A. Bassin Next Generation An amount from each entry into a fishing tournament will be escrowed into the scholarship fund. The Next Generation also receives funds from partnerships, sponsors and generous individuals, helping to provide our future anglers have a foot in the door for a brighter future.

U.S.A. Bassin hopes to give away two scholarships each year. One of the scholarships will go to the winner of The Next Generation Classic. All teams that fished The Next Generation Classic, but didn't win a scholarship may write an essay on bass fishing to compete for the other scholarship. All scholarships will be put into a trust under the youth's name until they commit to a school of choice. This is a great way to introduce a youth to the world of fishing while competing for a scholarship and future education.

Visit U.S.A. Bassin National Tournament Trail for the full details, tournament dates and lakes currently scheduled for 2010. Anyone who would like to help in this effort, whether it is through a partnership, sponsorship or donation, please email or call Kevin Yeary, at 812-276-8043 for more information.

[Student Angler Federation] This program utilizes a Great amount of newer technology to get students excited about fishing. This program is a big advocate for the basic use of core subjects in education in the world of fishing. They also give the opportunity to young anglers to see the future career opportunities that are being created and in the sport of fishing. This potion of the program has been made to be absolutely free for any of the teams or schools that choose to participate. The end result is that they want to encourage students to form school fishing club so they can experience this sport first hand. For more information, visit

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